Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Monmouth Junction, NJ where it has over 4,100 square feet of office and laboratory space, including a 2,100 square feet of clean room with 200 square feet of class 100 (ISO 5) and 1,900 square feet of class 1000 (ISO 6) clean room space. In addition there is 2,000 square feet of office and additional laboratory space.

PIRT has the test equipment necessary to test the noise and sensitivity of the imagers. To supplement its current testing and fabrication capabilities, Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. has joined Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM) at Princeton University. PRISM operates two large scale multi-user central research facilities. The following is from the PRISM website “These are the Micro/Nanofabrication lab (MNFL) and the Imaging Analysis Center (IAC). The MNFL provides a complete set of tools for designing, fabricating, prototyping and testing a wide range of micro and nano structures and devices, with substrates ranging from traditional silicon and compound semiconductor substrates to flexible metal and plastic foils.” This gives PIRT complete testing and fabrication facilities and equipment equivalent to many much larger entities.