SWIR Focal Plane Arrays and Custom InGaAs Foundry

Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. utilizes cutting edge Si CMOS technology with state of the art III-V technology to provide Short wave infrared (SWIR) products that lead the industry. Our first product is a 1280x1024 on 12 μm pitch focal plane array which is the current state of the art for commercial InGaAs products in both pixel pitch and array size.

Our second product is a 2048 linear array on 6.25 μm as well as a 1024 on 12. 5 μm pitch. This is nearly half the pitch of the current state of the art. This 14 bit imager will have the lowest noise available in an InGaAs linear array

Princeton Infrared Technologies also builds custom InGaAs array products. We work with a foundry to optimize the design for the application. Our customers include large aerospace companies as well as small businesses developing next generation systems.