Thermal Imaging in SWIR

All objects emit light in the infrared range. The hotter the object the more light that is emitted and the wavelength of the peak intensity moves to shorter and shorter wavelengths. Shortwave infrared (SWIR) is used in many applications for measuring objects >100°C.  Many time a Long-wave infrared (LWIR) or Mid-wave infrared (MWIR) imager is used because of its greater sensitivity and its ability to measuring objects at lower temperatures but Short wave infrared has the advantage of using glass optics.  SWIR can image through glass or plastic windows something that MWIR and LWIR can not.  SWIR also has the ability to use reflected light as well as emitted light enabling one to more easily differentiate objects.  In this case one can see the electrical cords from the soldering iron and to see the 1.3μm light in the integrating sphere on the left.

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