SWIR Testing Lab

Many variables can impact whether SWIR imaging will detect what is needed for your application. The Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. (PIRT) applications group will be happy to test your samples. The PIRT applications lab has LED light sources and bandpass filters across several visible and SWIR bands of interest, and a test conveyor belt for emulating typical linescan camera applications. PIRT cameras feature high sensitivity, high-dynamic range, and great linearity across the wide wavelength range of 0.4 to 2.05 μm, ensuring the performance needed to record small variations in materials. With both area (2-D) and line (1-D) cameras and adjustable light sources, PIRT can test several imaging scenarios to find the best solution for your application challenges.

We will image with our area camera first and then try to develop an imaging and lighting solution for either the line or area array cameras. In some cases, we will visit your location to help you develop a solution. Then, within a reasonable time, we will prepare a report with our recommendations.

Examples of suitable samples for us to test would be objects that you need to sort from an incoming material stream. First contact us using the form on this page to describe the objects, and current techniques you have tried. Let us know the results so far and describe the criteria for successful sorting. Then formulate a plan with the PRIT applications specialist to send in samples to test, including both the 'good' and the 'bad' examples. If you send them, we would like you to mark the "bad" portions as we may find features that differentiate the objects, but it may not the one you cared about.

If the items are commonly available, advise us what to look for when we put together a test set. Please mention any handling or perishable concerns and plan to send relevant safety data sheets (SDS).

To request sample testing, please send a message via the contact form on this page. Briefly describe the test and provide your contact information. We look forward to helping you solve your SWIR vision needs.


Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. is located in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey at 7 Deer Park Dr., Suite E. We are 15 minutes away from Princeton University where we are members of PRISM (Princeton Institute for the Sceince and Technology of Materials).

Please feel free to contact us with your short wave infrared imaging needs.


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