AFWERX SBIR STTR Spark Collider Event

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Calling all DOD problem owners, futurists, and innovation enthusiasts:

Join us at the AFWERX SBIR/STTR Collider on April 13th - 14th (1200 - 1600 ET daily) and discover forward-thinking technologies that offer over 450 innovative solutions to pressing government challenges.

If you’re hungry for improved technologies or a better way of doing things, this collider event features opportunities for you to connect directly with innovators like me who are eager to solve DOD problems with our offerings. Meet Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. and other participating companies there by registering for the event: SBIR/STTR Collider Government Registration Form

Finally, we urge you to make the most of your time connecting at the event by taking a peek at the solutions in advance. You can view ours here:

Low Cost SWIR Hyperspectral Imaging System

Uncooled MWIR & LWIR Imaging Using Non-Degenerate Two Photon Absorption with Custom InGaAsP Detector Arrays