Catherine Maise | Princeton Infrared Technologies

Catherine Masie

Device Scientist

Dr. Masie is currently a Device Scientist at Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. She is focused on developing III-V shortwave infrared avalanche photodiode and PIN photodiodes. She is also researching on improving R&D and manufacturing process for different scale photodiode arrays. She has led several III-V material related research projects in the Optoelectronics group at Stony Brook University since 2015, which includes far infrared III-V superlattices nBn detectors and far infrared fast electro-optic modulators. She discovered negative photoconductivity in III-V heterostructure SLS and bulk materials as a fundamental material property, via momentum scattering τ-approximation and collision integral. She also studied band gaps of bulk & SLS III-V heterostructure with different material compositions and structural periods via wide range spectroscopy. She has extensive knowledge in semiconductor material characterization, including XRD, Photo-Luminescence, as well as clean room device fabrication technologies. Besides photodetectors, Dr. Masie also worked as the service manager at Photonics Industries for two years, which focused on improving high power solid state laser performances.

Dr. Masie graduated with Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Stony Brook University.

Under the name of Y.Xu:
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Electronic Materials Conference, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana, June 28-30, 2017 Oral presentation: Y. Xu, A. Frenkel, Y. Lin, D. Donetsky, L. Shterengas, S. Suchalkin, G. Kipshidze, G. Belenky, S. P. Svensson and W. L. Sarney, “Carrier Lifetime and Photoconductivity Measurements in Short-Period InAsSb-Based SLS Grown on Metamorphic Buffers”